Is It Better To Replace A Faulty Compressor Or Buy A New AC

The decision of replacing a faulty compressor or buying a new AC is always tricky. On one hand, you have a component that is expensive and usually without a warranty, on the other hand, you have the option of spending a bit more and buying a new unit. Make sure you get input from an AC repair service on the matter. Let’s discuss!

Does The Compressor Needs Replacement?

An air conditioner comprises many components. Although compressors and evaporators etc. are rigid and will last years until they give up, some external factors can also significantly reduce their life. Areas or countries that experience electricity fluctuations tend to have more problems with compressors. With that being said, before replacing the compressor you need to make sure whether it actually needs replacement.

It might also be that the refrigerant level is low, which is not allowing the compressor to function normally. Plus, the problem might be with the voltage as well. The compressor requires proper voltage to turn on. If the case is otherwise, the compressor will fail to work.

Check If The Compressor Is Under Warranty

Compressors are not cheap. They are expensive and therefore, you should check if it is under warranty. Most manufacturers offer a warranty lasting anywhere between 5-10 years. If for some reason, the compressor stops working, you should claim the warranty and get the compressor replaced. This will prevent you from spending a huge amount of cash.

If you are not able to diagnose the problem, call in an AC repair technician. And do not rely on the first inspection. Most of the time, it is not 100% accurate. You should consult and get a second opinion before finalizing compressor replacement. The reason is that some contractors who want to make money will tell you that you have a bad compressor. This will lead to further headaches down the road.

Compare The Cost Of Compressor Replacement And A New AC

If the problem is a faulty compressor, you will need to pay for labor and the compressor. As a result, the cost will go up. If you observe that the total cost nears the cost of a new HVAC unit, you should opt for a new air conditioner. The problem with compressors is that it is hard to find a compatible piece especially if you own an old AC unit. An incompatible compressor will consume more electricity and may also stop working after a few months and since they are not backed with a warranty, your money will go down the drain as well.

Why Should I Buy A New Unit?

If you have an air conditioner for the last 5-7 years, chances are that it is not efficient in terms of electricity consumption. Newer air conditioners today are more intelligent than they have ever been. With that being said, inverter technology is the most popular across the globe. These air conditioners shift to low consumption the longer they are used.

Plus, they come with different modes and features that enable the user to adjust to weather changes as well. Therefore, you should go for a new unit even if it is a hard pill to swallow because you will save money by the AC will be energy efficient.

Can Compressors Be Repaired?

A lot of times you will be told and suggested to get the compressor repaired to save money. You should not fall victim to this trap. Compressors are mostly unrepairable. Even if they are, there is no guarantee of them working for long. Once the compressor has gone bad, you should only replace it. However, make sure it is backed by a warranty and installed by an expert. Plus, the replacement should be compatible with the existing unit. Compressors that do not match the specifications of the unit are not meant to be efficient or long-lasting.

Final Word

In the end, you should only opt for a replacement compressor if it is new, backed by a warranty, and compatible. Otherwise, you will simply risk your investment. On the other hand, if the existing air conditioning unit is older, it is better to buy a new unit to avoid the headaches of components breaking down regularly and spending money on replacements and air conditioner repair services Fairfax.

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